Food is not just eating. It’s an experience’. With this vision since 2nd January 2018, KFH aims to being world class and unique comestibles relishing across all major cities around the globe with a unique vibe and palate of flavours groomed by the exquisite culinary artists. It is a universal truth that good-looking food has an indescribable appeal which reminds us of the saying, ‘ We feast with our eyes and not our mouths.’

As said by Virginia Woolf, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”, KFH sights the same. It aspires to rejuvenate the warmth and togetherness of food along with an unparalleled experience of Quality, Consistency and Exquisity which portrays the apophthegm “Lavish the Delish.”

At the heart of KFH lies the zeal of our Founder and Managing Director, Adipta Majumder and whose travels had made realize us to introduce and adhere world class standards in this industry to achieve impeccable culinary art. He says, ‘I’m passionate about food-the ethics of it, preparing it, sharing it and undeniably having it.’

​ Unequivocally, KFH aims to offer a Journey of Food which would redefine the Science of Flavours and unravel the Art of Cuisines around the world.